Monday, December 19, 2005


Many prayers have been answered this last week as Growers First was able to deliver a micro-credit payment to all our coffee farmers.. This provides them enough money in a time where everyone is broke and harvest is started... Now they have the capacity to hire workers, buy equipment, animals, or other small investments in their farms.... Normally they borrow money from coyotes who borrow them money at high interest rates (as much as20% interest per month), in which they collect the money as coffee and are then basically in a yearly routine of getting little to no money for their crop because they owe so much interest that half their coffee is given as interest, this has really been tough for small farmers.

Our pre-payment to the farmer to help assist in the harvest season will be a HUGE boost to them, especially as they learn to save money and invest wisely!!

Pastor Asiclo immediately invested his money in a new chain saw blade, which will provide him extra work during non-harvest times, which is also very important that they can find some work during the off season without leaving to the USA.. So the positive effects are already beeing seen... The towns have even enacted rules that you must have permission before cutting trees down to ensure a long term sustainability of their rich forests, which is also key to there long-term survival, taking care of their many natural resources that they have been blessed with.

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