Monday, December 11, 2006

Honduras Trip Winter 06

Carlos took a trip last week to Siguatepeque, Honduras to look at the 2006 report which is very promising..

This year they are planning on having 1 organic container and 1 conventional container of coffee to export this year. They are right on schedule for obtaining full organic certification in 3 years. This is the 2nd year as some are still doing the labor involved in revitalizing the soil which was degraded from years of heavy Nitrogen fertilizers and is very promising.

Dec. 2006--Cafe Istmo pre-farm tour

THe 2006 crop is starting to be picked by the coffee farmers now and Jason, Carlos, and Paco will be going into the mountains the week of Dec. 10 to inspect the crop and have open discussions on how to improve this years crop as the persistent rain last year really hurt the quality of coffee they had because there was no sun for them to efficiently dry the coffee..
We need to decide if buying a mechanical dryer should be done because of the very inhospitable and always changing climate can have big effects of how much money they make and their ability to consistently bring in a specialty grade product.