Monday, December 31, 2007

Coffee Harvest and Bees

Here is a picture of a farmer with a new local veriety which is now producing for the 1st year and has a bumper crop. They are harvesting seeds to grow in their garden and then to transplant into the field in May.. This produces good in drier soils and higher elevations, where the varieties there now and not producing much, so their crop will improve.

We are trying to get a bee program going again. Some of our member still have their beehives, there was an attack of the African colonies a few years ago and many hives were killed off to protect the local people.. This producer now has the European Queen bee which helps settle down the aggressive african colonies. By reintroducing more beehives there will be improved polination for coffee trees and the honey is a great source of extra income for the amount of labor involved.

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